Sun and Sand, Mississippi Film and Music Festival

This four-day event on the Mississippi Gulf Coast  will connect film and music enthusiasts across the nation with respected, rising and aspiring players in all facets of the film-making, music and entertainment world. All set in an emerging destination for film-making: Mississippi.

HUGE international film & music festival! Film screenings, music concerts, a film catering trade show, technology demonstrations, panel sessions and more! Sun & Sand’s line-up offers concerts and screenings set among exciting indoor and outdoor venues! Festival goers will rock the nights away while enjoying a wide selection of music from local bands to top headliners!

Sun & Sand will screen both new and previous releases of major motion pictures as well as  independent films. In addition, the festival will unveil the latest concepts, equipment and technologies in the field, such as the digital effects that bring movies like Avatar to life.  Don’t miss this exceptional festival!

Save the Date -> Nov. 13 – 16

Click For Info – Sun & Sand Film & Music Festival

Sun & Sand Film & Music Festiva

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